Hello everyone! My name is Samantha, I'm nineteen years old and I am currently attending IUP and will soon be transferring to SRU to pursue a degree in Communications Public Relations. I am just an everyday sinner with Christ as my Rock. Spoken word for the Kingdom!

So I’m starting to dig this short hair business #smile #shorthair
The little things #coffee #God
Palm Sunday and one of my favorite verses
Gonna be that typical girl on Instagram #coffee #latte #Commonplace #cliche

“Why do we raise our arms in worship? Because that’s the same thing my little girl does when she wants daddy to lift her up.”


Tenth Avenue North

They said this tonight at the concert and I cried. It’s such a powerful, TRUE image and it is the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard. My favorite quote is now this. It was an amazing night at Winter jam!!!

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One of the best April Fool’s Pranks I’ve seen…

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This is way more amusing than studying right now. #tightrope #oakgrove #entertainment #tryingnottoLOL

Wrote this message to myself ten years ago and it just so happens that I found it today. 10 year old me was pretty wise

Getting pumped for PHILLY!!!